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"The benefits from your class have been invaluable. Based on your kinesiology approach to yoga, I have a better understanding of my body and how to correct the bad habits I have developed over the years.  The psoas muscle group release that you shared is helping my: hips, hamstrings, and back." 


Will Gray

"I have been practicing yoga for about ten years.  Stef's class is the first time someone has taken the time to carefully explain correct yoga positions and provided exercises to improve my mobility and ease tensions.  Stef's yoga class is the best thing that I do for myself each week."


Diane Burnham

"We enjoy our classes with Stef very much. We have learned how and why our bodies work. She is well versed and explains the mechanics of the body and she cares about all her students. We feel well balanced and well prepared by her classes." 


Bob and Jackie

"I really enjoy your class because you have  helped me to feel better all over."


Lillie Costin

"I  have found Stef’s chair yoga class a wonderful addition to my exercise experience.  Her knowledge of the body is exceptional. I have learned so much about the body: the correct alignment of the body which I try to do every day especially while sitting and standing, the importance of the feet, the feet exercises have improved the pain in my feet.  I feel her class is not only improving my body but my knowledge of my body."


Deborah Wood


"Stef brings her own unique enthusiasm and love of yoga/body mechanics to her classes, and I (and many others in her classes) have gotten completely hooked on her method of teaching because my body feels better, and I have more body awareness, which is a really good thing.  It is not typical yoga, it is so much more—stretching, positions of the body, plus all the different aspects of alignment, necessary for happy muscles and joints.  She provides a friendly atmosphere, and is very reassuring about the way our bodies are all different, and how we all progress differently according to our unique needs.  I have referred friends and patients to her classes."


Linda Norris

“I have been in Stef’s yoga class for the past one year and have thoroughly enjoyed it. What I enjoy about her class is not just the fact that she connects & explains connection between yoga and body mechanics but also life’s simple philosophy in her own words. Her thought for the week which she always leaves us with is always simple but still so profound”.


Nima  Narang 

"My husband and I have always loved your chair classes and after attending several classes, I have seen a change in my flexibility and endurance. I have seen that in my husband too who had a stroke 3 years ago.  Thank you so much" 


-Farida  S. 

"Stef's classes are different from any yoga class I've ever taken, as she focuses on total health (body and mind).  She deeply cares about her students and their needs.  Teaches ways to improve your health outside of class by correct standing and sitting postures.  I've learned so much from her.  Favorite class I've ever taken!" 


Lori Hare

"A class with Stef is an important part of my week. I am an older participant who tries hard, but certainly cannot move like I once did.  I appreciate the explanations that Stef gives about “what” we may be feeling and “why” the movements are essential.  She is non-judge-mental and encourages everyone to “listen” to their own bodies and move accordingly.  I have noticed that my body is beginning to crave the stretching that happens in class. Perhaps, areas are waking up! This makes me happy!" 


Kathy Cole

"I am often in awe of how open-minded, thoughtful, and dedicated my wonderful students are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" 



"Stef's class is like none other. It's the best gentle yoga class I've ever taken. She explains every movement, which helps reduce injury in class. I've learned how to hold & relax my body, become conscious of clenching, standing properly, and even how to walk better."


Kim Roberts

"I joined Stef’s Chair Class in hopes of gaining some flexibility and balance. It’s working! Not only that, but I have some new tools for relaxation. Enjoyable and effective. I really am enjoying your class, thanks."


Glick Schultz

"I could write a book about how much I enjoy your class, but I will try to keep it down to a few sentences.  Here goes:


Stef's class has taught me how the body should work.  She emphasizes the basics, such as proper alignment of the bones and improving the range of muscle movement.  The exercises often focus on a single joint or muscle group to improve range of motion one area at a time.  I have seen improvements in my posture, balance, flexibility, and even in the act of walking!"


Ken Gattis

"What Stef teaches is life changing....basic information that just about never gets taught to to hold and move the body so that our bones are aligned correctly, as then the muscles will engage. And when the muscles are properly engaged and aligned, they work better and there is less chance of injury.  I’ve applied her teachings for many years now and my back, neck and foot pains are gone."


Terry Fitzgerald

I started going to Stef’s class about three years ago. I am hooked. In addition to helping me as a physical education and yoga class, I have learned how to deal with stress and challenging events. Stef and her class are an institution of higher physical education.


Javad Seyed, Ph.D.

"Stef's class has relieved my back issues through her series of gentle but powerful stretches. We always finish class with words of encouragement and I leave class relaxed and refreshed."


Jeanne Billman

"Stef is a great teacher. Her class has made me very aware of how just small changes in movement can relieve many joint and tendon issues. After 5 + years of neck and shoulder pain I am having much less. I look forward to her class every week." 

Kathy Dunkley

"Stef's classes are amazing.  I am so grateful for the knowledge of movement and biomechanics that she teaches.  I have become stronger and more mobile from her classes, but more than this, I see how her training will make a powerful difference in my life decades from now.  Thanks Stef!"



"Since practicing with Stef I have grown more aware of the biomechanics of better posture and the benefit of using a variety of muscles in my everyday movement. It has trained my mind as much as my body."  


Steffi Rubin 

"Stef taught me proper alignment from my head to my toes. Very different from what yoga taught me and much better for my body. Stef taught me how to use my alignment for balancing. Center of gravity is more in my heels. It really helps me to balance. Stef taught me how to stand in a relaxed manner using proper alignment. I learn something new from Stef each week. I love her so much."  


Ginger Edwards

"I love the alignment tips that Stef shares. My abs are much stronger now that I know how to correctly position my rib cage! She also gave me solutions to ease my neck and shoulder pain. I feel so much better now!" 


Alison Z.

"Stef's class is the best!! I broke my hip and after attending Stef's class I went from 85% recovered to 100% no back pain. The alignment based poses she uses are amazing. I cannot say enough."


Gray  McKnight


"I always cherish your spiritual enlightenment and encouragement at the end of our 60-minute journey together. It serves as a reminder that we are united as one community and it serves as a sendoff for us to spread the light that each of us shines."


Paul Yeager

"I stand better because of what I learned in your class and before taking your class I could not sit on the floor.  Now I can sit on the floor and play with my grandson and get up by myself.  The arthritis in my wrist has even improved.  So thank you."



Theresa Bagley

"Stef is amazingly professional and devoted to the practice of yoga/bio mechanics.  Her classes are carefully planned to target unused or improperly used parts of the body.  Her suggestions for using these skills in the “real world” are invaluable.  I am very grateful to have access such a dedicated and knowledgeable instructor."


Deborah Albertine


"I've had three lower back surgeries and constant back problems over the last six years. Stef does a great job mixing things up and focusing on different areas of the body. I've found that a combination of physical therapy and Stef's yoga classes have finally relieved my symptoms!" 


Shane Port

"Stef's approach is unique among teachers I have had. I really appreciate her focus on alignment, biomechanics, and small muscle movements. I learn a lot from her explanations, often discover muscles I did not know were there, and always leave refreshed. Thanks Stef!"


Fred Woodward

Since becoming a regular in Stef’s class, I can definitely tell a BIG difference in my overall physical health!! Overall, my body feels 100% better as a professional athlete! I definitely feel that because of working with Stef, it will be a long time before I have to transition from my current career — Today, I am in tune with my body more than I was ever before. Stef is by far the best instructor I've ever had and I recommend her to anyone that is serious about improving anything about their body and health!!! 


Mike Bell

"Practice with Stef has become my favorite and most beneficial class.  I feel so good all day after practicing with her.  I am totally relaxed and I cannot help but believe that her class is responsible for my improved bone density score!  Thank you Stef!!!"


Mary Freeman

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