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"Our bodies are the sum total of how we use them all the time."     - Katy Bowman

The goals of our classes are to:

  • Learn about neutral alignment

  • Persistently practice moving more of ourselves, and

  • Be inspired to move more all day long!

Even subtle shifts in our muscle patterns can create significant shifts in blood flow, waste removal and how we feel.


Alignment cues are the places we put our bones to assist in waking up underused muscle patterns and calming down overused muscle patterns. We call these alignments NEUTRAL. 

Over time, we learn to use the muscles around our joints with more balance which creates ease and less wear and tear in all of our motions.

One of the coolest parts about this practice is that it impacts much more than our musculo-skeletal system! Our practice will assist with the regeneration of all of our cells by moving more parts of ourselves. 

People who love to learn while they move. If you are interested in the 'whys', you may have found the perfect movement community for you! 

People who are aging and highly interested in preventing common ailments or are already having issues. These classes are a place to support healing and a plan for longevity.


Amateur & professional athletes. You will even find them as regulars in her chair classes! Athletes are extremely

interested in the details of their bodies; from head to toes.  These classes become a vital supplement for fine-tuning their movement performance and enhancing their other workouts. 


Most of Stef's students are:




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